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November 16, 2012
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Rinjapine's Contest Entry - What If? - by Gamer98 Rinjapine's Contest Entry - What If? - by Gamer98
Before you say that i am stoling this art: [link]
I want to explain you a thing,my old acount was :iconthelionofdeserts: and i'm reposting this art of TLK here in my new account,:icongamer98:.

This is my entry for :iconrinjapine:'s new contest!I hope you like it!!
So,what if Mufasa had controled himself and didn't chased Miitu(or Mheetu),causing his death?
This is my 'What If?' theory,i've did Mufasa,having a peaceful conversation with his son,Tojo and Miitu,asking apologies for everything he had done to his son,Tojo and for his young brother,Taka.
I've writed a story for it,but it look like really stupid(I think),but,if you want to read it...
Mufasa entered the narrow rift,he spotted two cubs. One was his son,Tojo,but the other – the other had his beloved Sarafina’s eyes…in his hated brother’s face.A son,yes,Taka had a son,and hidden it from Mufasa.When Tojo,saw his father he screamed. "Run Miitu!Run!" He thought that the king was going to hurt Miitu,or maybe even kill him....
Mufasa was thinking to do it,kill the secret son of Taka and Sarafina,but he tought about it for a time.He was going to kill a cub,the cub of his dear Sarafina.No,Mufasa could not kill Miitu,an inoccent cub,he would be a...Murder...
Mufasa looked at the cubs,and sighted. "Please!Don't run,i won't hurt you!" The king walked slowly to them.Miitu and Tojo,was scared,but they stayed there,waiting Mufasa reach them.Mufasa lied down near to them,and looked at Tojo.His older cub...Why he did that to him?Why he gave him to his father and to Aira to raise him?He couldn't remember it anymore,he was really angry of himself,and wanted to explain everything to Tojo and try to ask for their apologize,for everything that he had done for Tojo and Scar.
Tojo and Miitu walked to Mufasa. "S-sir,you will hurt us?" The true heir of the Pridelands,asked to him.Mufasa,gave him a smile,a short smile. "No,i won't hurt you...I just want to let you know one thing cub..." Mufasa,pet his son,and put him on his lap.Tojo wasn't understanding the why of that.
Mufasa explained everything to both cubs,and asked for their apologize.He had beign a really evil king.Tojo,was happy to know that his true father was Mufasa and Miitu,wouldn't have to be hidden from him anymore,now Mufasa was their friend,and Taka's friend too...

I really wanted to put a title for this story and for the pic,but,i have no idea for the name...

"Mheetu"(Name only) © Disney
Miitu's design ©
Mufasa © Disney
Tojo © Disney
Art and Story ©
The Lion King: The Demon Within © (If you want to read it,here: [link] and the old version of it,here: [link])
If you want to enter in *Rinjapine's contest,there you are the link for the rules,prizes and the theme of the contests: [link]
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